Twitter starts testing Reddit-like downvote buttons on iOS

some Twitter Users on iOS may see a new button similar to Reddit’s veto button in people’s responses. This is part of the latest experimental feature of the social network, designed to give it a deeper understanding of the types of responses that users think are relevant in the conversation.According to Twitter support announcement, The goal is to be able to collect enough data, so the platform can work hard to find more relevant responses. For example, in a long thread, the best replies do not always appear immediately, and may be buried under a large number of tweets from other people.

Random testers who get this feature may see different versions of it. Some people may see “yes” and “yes” buttons, while others may only see a disagree button next to Twitter’s heart/like option. The third version will change to show up and down buttons to testers. The public will not see the number of negative votes received in replies, and users’ negative votes will only be visible to them. At the same time, upvotes will be shown as likes.

Currently, voting does not change the order of replies, similar to Reddit burying replies that have received a large number of negative votes. As Twitter user researcher Cody Elam explained in a series of tweets, the purpose of the experiment is not to shame users, but to allow “people to have the ability to comment privately on the quality of responses” and give the company “more nuanced” feedback. He added: “We want to know more about the quality of people’s votes and whether voting is a feature that people think is valuable. “

This is not the first time Twitter has started testing Reddit-like features.A few months ago, social networks began to try Facebook style emoji It also includes reactions to the yes and no buttons.

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