Twitter Spaces may soon provide voice control effects

Twitter scrap fleet, But it did not give up audio.According to reports, the Clubhouse-style chat room Spaces is undergoing a new voice operation update Introduction In December. The so-called “Voice Transformer” was first proposed by social media researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who said on Twitter that it allows you to change the pitch or add echo to the audio.Soon after, software miner Steve Moser (Steve Moser)-he recently became famous for discovering new things detail on Netflix games Function-reveals several different effects. The list includes bees, cartoons, helium, stealth, karaoke, microphones, phones, spaces, stadiums, and stages.

in case Let people tweet Is a slogan, Persuade them to speak It may be harder. In this sense, the sound distortion feature may prompt unwilling users or users who are self-conscious of their own voices to try Spaces. The silly nature of some effects can even help create a less serious but hopefully more appealing environment.

This is also a feature that many people will be familiar with when they encounter a voice filter Snapchat. The news of the Twitter Spaces update is like The clubhouse has widened Soon after Spotify itself expanded to voice chat greenhouse application.Not to mention, Facebook’s emission A clubhouse clone. If they want to win the audio chat war, all four platforms must remain fresh.

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