Rivian plans to build a second electric car factory in the U.S.

Electric car manufacturer It is planning to build a second factory. If achieved, the company may produce batteries and electric cars in factories. Rivian may announce in the next few months The report construction may start next year.

Rivian spokesperson Amy Mast confirmed to the organization that the company is “exploring the location of a second American manufacturing plant.” Mast pointed out that it is in its early stages and did not share more details.

The company’s first plant is located in Norma, Illinois. With about 7,000 employees, the second factory may create hundreds of new jobs, which seems to be the reason why several states are reportedly bidding.

According to reports, an additional factory will enable Rivian to increase production capacity and have a 50 GWh battery production line. The site may also have a product and technology center, and construction may be carried out in phases. At the same time, according to reports, Rivian’s goal is to achieve net zero carbon emissions in the factory as soon as possible.

Last week, Rivian of The delivery of the R1S SUV took place a few months ago until September. It attributed the impact of COVID-19 to a major factor. According to reports, the pandemic has also caused a change in the timetable for the second factory. Reuters.

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