Google’s redesigned Wear OS will only cover a handful of current smart watches

Google Outlines how to update your smartwatch to Wear OS transformation affected by Samsung, Frankly: This is not good news for many users. Now called Wear OS 3, the opt-in update (more on that later) will be launched in the “mid to second half” of 2022, and then only applies to a few watches.

You will need one of Mobvoi’s latest TicWatch models (E3, Pro 3 Cellular/LTE or Pro 3 GPS) or one of the new Fossil watches that will arrive later in 2021.In other words, if you buy 2020 TicWatch, Fossil Gen 5, the resurrected Moto 360 or any other Wear OS watch.Google still promises “new app experience” to current owners, such as Play Store update, Not to mention security updates at least two years after release. Nevertheless, this still prevents many devotees from buying new watches and unable to use Wear OS 3.

For some reason, the update will also be opted in. The “degree of change” in Wear OS 3 will require you to reset your watch to factory settings—not surprisingly, Google wants to ask it nicely before wiping your device. Although this reset will not cause a huge setback like your phone, but you need to think carefully before proceeding.

Hardware interrupts are not entirely shocking.Many Wear OS watches on the market have been in use for three years Snapdragon Wear 3100, Even greatly improved Wear 4100 It has existed since 2020. Google may need to limit the functionality of Wear OS 3 to support aging processors.Regardless of the reason, this can cause bumps Windows Phone 8 style Transitioning to existing owners must make difficult choices about when (or whether) to replace equipment.

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