Valve Announces $1 Million “CS:GO” Art Competition

Looking for new Weapon skin, it hopes to attract creators to submit designs The company will choose 10 original, dream-themed looks. The creators of the winning design will each receive $100,000 and the skin will be added to the game.

You can send any number of designs and create them individually or as part of a team. You can also have multiple winning skins.

Artists will still have the rights to their creations-sending an entry will give Valve a non-exclusive license to use it . You must submit your design to CS:GO Workshop before October 21st. You need to use a reputable Steam account (that is, it is not restricted in any way) and have purchased at least $5 on Steam. Valve will contact the winners before November 21.

This is an ingenious competition that may bring life-changing prizes. The Steam Workshop has been around for ten years.It allows players to upload various game modules, maps and items-including Counter Strike: GO.

“More than 5 million content creators have submitted and released more than 20 million new items for various games on Steam, which can be purchased by millions of players around the world,” Valve said. “Moreover, everyone who plays these games knows–including CS Players-Many of the most iconic in-game items, maps, etc. are created by community members. The Dreams & Nightmares content competition aims to help further support this community. “

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