The sad Wolverine meme will be immortal as an action figure

This Sad Wolverine Emoji Pack, In which Logan dressed in 90s clothing X-Men: Animation Series Lay On the bed, staring longingly at the pictures of his beloved Jean Gray and the intruder Scott Summers, Become an action figure in Mondo. it’s time. Few memes can truly capture the same emotional thirst. Normally, framed photos are replaced with images that make Wolverine’s longing look more lively. Who among us hasn’t been lying in bed staring at Instagram and has the same desire for gadgets/resorts/people?


Get ready to clean up some shelf space, because this sad Wolverine character will have a 1:6 ratio.And when you can Take it out of the box and add various other accessories, such as the head of an unmasked Logan or the face of his former best friend Muff. Why would you do this?Mondo Open the pre-order form for the picture It will be sold exclusively as Comic-Con on July 23, priced at $200. Hope Mondo will follow up with another meme: Sad Wolverine sees Scott and lets kiss.

Sad Wolverine Action Figure


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