The best laptop for games and homework

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Now is the best time to become a PC gamer, especially when it comes to laptops. Gaming laptops are lighter, more powerful, and cheaper than ever. They are especially useful for students because their powerful hardware can help render videos and do any other homework that can make ultra-thin and ultra-portable devices sweat.You can find some general suggestions Choose a gaming laptop in our guideIn this article, you will find some options specifically for school use.

Are gaming laptops suitable for college?

As mentioned above, gaming laptops are especially useful if you are doing any demanding work. Their huge promise is powerful graphics performance, not limited to games. Video editing and 3D rendering programs can also use their GPUs to handle particularly demanding tasks.Although you can find a good GPU on some productivity laptops, such as Dell’s XPS 15, You can sometimes find better prices on gaming laptops. My general recommendation for any new workhorse machine: get at least 16GB of RAM and the largest solid state drive you can find. These components are usually difficult to upgrade.

One of the major disadvantages of choosing a gaming laptop is portability. In most cases, we recommend using the 15-inch model to get the best balance of size and price. Those ultraportable laptops that usually weigh about 4.5 pounds, far more than 3 pounds. However, today’s gaming notebooks are still much lighter than older models, so at least you won’t be dragging a 10-pound brick. Also, if you don’t like LED lights and other gamer-centric bling, look out for lower-key models (or make sure you know how to turn off these lights).

The best midrange for most people: Asus Zephyrus G15

Will Lipman Photography/ASUS

This Zephryus G15 With all the features of a gaming laptop you want, the price is more reasonable than the high-end options. This is a slightly larger follow-up to the most popular product in this category (G14) last year, but there are still many things to love. G15 uses AMD’s latest Ryzen 5000 processor and NVIDIA’s RTX 3000 GPU. And, judging from our benchmarks, it managed to make the most of all these capabilities. It also has a fast 165Hz 1440p screen, which is ideal for playing games at high frame rates. The G15 does not have a webcam, but its reliable specifications and performance make up for it.

Buy Zephyrus G15 at Best Buy-$1,850

Best high-end choice: Razer Blade 15

Back to school-Razer Blade 15

Photo by Will Lipman for Engadget

For many years, Razer has been committed to creating a gaming laptop that looks as good as a MacBook. This is still true. Razer Blade 15 It has a stylish and sturdy metal case, an impressive low-key design (unless you really turn on those RGB keyboard lights), and almost all the features you want in a portable gaming powerhouse. If money is not a problem, you can equip the Blade 15 with Intel’s latest 11th generation processors, NVIDIA’s powerful RTX 3080 and 240Hz QHD or 360Hz high-definition screens.

Although you will pay more for the Blade 15 than some other models, you can still use some different price points.This Entry-level models start at $1,699 Equipped with RTX 3060 GPU and 144Hz 1080p display. For most games and creative applications, this is certainly sufficient. If you are looking for something smaller, Razer’s new AMD-powered Blade 14 also looks very attractive.

Buy Blade 15 at Razer-$1,699

Stylish mid-range option: Alienware M15 R5 Ryzen Edition

Back to school-Alienware M15

Will Lipman Photography/ Alienware

Alienware’s M15 laptop has provided a reliable choice over the past few years, but R5 Ryzen Edition Using AMD’s latest processors adds something new to the mix. Basically, compared to similar products equipped with Intel, you can expect the multi-core performance of this machine to be slightly better. Alienware M15 still retains the brand’s iconic sci-fi aesthetics. If you want a distinctive laptop (not as fancy as a cheap product), then the R5 Ryzen Edition is a good choice.

Buy M15 R5 Ryzen Edition at Dell-$1,274

Best budget choice: Dell G5 15

Back to school-Dell G5 15

Will Lipman Photography/Dale

Although Alienware has established itself as a reliable premium brand, Dell’s cheaper G-series laptops are worth a look at anyone with a limited budget. in particular, G5 15 Continue the trend of providing powerful hardware for less than $1,000. Of course, the case may contain a lot of plastic, and the screen does not provide all the latest details, but in terms of price, it is difficult to find something better.

Buy G5 at Dell 15-960 USD

Best laptop for unlimited gaming: ASUS Zephyrus Duo 15 SE

Back to school-ASUS Rog Zephyrus Duo

Will Lipman Photography/ASUS

Take the idea of ​​gaming laptops to the extreme, Asus’ latest Zephyrus Duo Combine AMD’s latest Ryzen mobile processor with NVIDIA’s excellent RTX 30 series hardware.And, just like its name, it has two Screen: Gorgeous 15.6-inch main display, and a very wide auxiliary panel directly below. This turns on multitasking close to the desktop level because you can distribute windows on two screens. This may be useful for browsing the web and also following Twitter at the same time. (Or maybe squeezed in a game Overwatch When listening to an online lecture on another screen. We will not tell anyone. )

Buy Zephyrus Duo 15 SE at Asus-$2,899

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