Tesla lowers the price of its “self-driving” computer upgrade

Rear criticism From the car owner, Tesla reduced the price of the computer update required for its new “Fully Automated Driving” (FSD) feature, Electronic trek There are reports. The hardware HW 3.0 update will now cost $1,000 instead of $1,500, and the price has dropped by 33%.To get this feature, the owner will Must pay In addition, the monthly subscription fee can be as high as US$199, or a one-time payment of US$10,000.

Tesla Famously said In 2016, all its future electric vehicles will be equipped with fully automated driving hardware. However, it eventually discovered that old vehicles needed to update their computers and began shipping newer models with new HW 3.0 hardware. However, owners of Tesla models produced from the end of 2016 to mid-2019 were shocked to find that in addition to the cost of the FSD upgrade, they had to pay a hardware upgrade of US$1,500.

After telling customers that they will charge $1,500 for hardware updates, Tesla seems to have reduced it to $1,000. As before, you need to take the car to an authorized Tesla service center to get the update.

Much like “autopilot”, Tesla’s FSD system does not provide fully autonomous driving defined as level 4 or higher. Instead, it told California regulators that it meets SAE Level 2 standards, much like Cadillac, Audi and other companies’ models. Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself said, “There will be unknown problems, so please be more suspicious.” Consumer reportAt the same time, it pointed out that “Tesla is still using its existing owners and their vehicles to conduct beta testing of new features on public roads” and expressed concern.

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