It is reported that PS4’cryptofarm’ uses robots to grind the FIFA currency in the game

Earlier this month, Ukrainian officials smashed a mining business that appeared to be using cryptocurrency. Thousands of PS4 consoles to mine cryptocurrency. This does not seem to be the case. According to a new report, these consoles (and allegedly stolen electricity) were actually used to grow and sell digital currencies and accounts for EA FIFA games.

Ukrainian news media jobs According to reports, PCs run robots on game consoles to play FIFA and automatically earn in-game currency.Players can use FIFA coins in Ultimate Team (FUT) mode to dig out popular players on the open market or open Controversial FUT package Hope to unlock the killer supplement for their squad. FUT package is also available Open with real money.

Although buying and selling FIFA coins with real money violates EA’s policy, this has not stopped the digital currency black market from flourishing. People sell coins or game accounts filled with currency to players eager to build a roster of dream FUT. A website I checked listed PS4 FIFA 21 An account with 5.1 million tokens at a price of $300-enough to buy

The ultimate team mode in EA sports games is very important to the bottom line of developers. last year, EA made $1.62 billion From Ultimate Team, accounting for 29% of its net income for the current fiscal year. “A significant portion” of this revenue comes from FIFA games.

At the same time, FUT bags and other loot boxes have Spot check Regulatory authorities in recent years. Since players cannot see which football players they will unlock when they purchase gift packs, some authority figures describe these gift packs as a form of gambling.Belgium Prohibit The game mechanics of 2018.This summer, perhaps to avoid criticism, EA started test A FUT package that allows players to preview content.

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