CNN+ streaming service will provide live and on-demand content in early 2022

A rumor CNN streaming service it is true.Network has Unveil A CNN+ service that will provide a mix of live and on-demand programs that are “separate and different” from existing TV reports. It will debut sometime in the first quarter of 2022. CNN has not yet narrowed the price range, but CEO Andrew Morse told species in a Interview There will be no ad-supported layer at the time of publication.

As you would expect, the core will be on-site materials. CNN+ plans to provide 8 to 12 hours of in-depth special reports and “lifestyle” materials every day, with veterans and newcomers at the helm. You will also have the opportunity to interact with anchors and experts in real-time discussions. This will not be a digital copy of CNN’s usual news, but you may have a reason to listen to it every day.

The on-demand catalog unsurprisingly makes use of CNN’s existing collection, including shows like this one Anthony Bourdain: Partially unknown with United ShadowsThe Internet service will have original shows and movies, although CNN+ will not announce these until later in 2021.

Morse officially stated that despite the WarnerMedia connection, CNN+ will not be bundled or otherwise bundled with HBO Max. species However, the source claimed that the service is “very likely” to be bundled with HBO Max and Discovery+ in the future. Warner Media and Discovery Complete their merger.

Morse believes that the launch of CNN+ is the largest since the network began to provide TV services in June 1980. This is also an opportunity to try a format that blurs the distinction between entertainment and news, the executive added.

Of course, the question is whether the audience will bite. CNN has had success with long-form content such as the late Anthony Bourdain’s shows, but it is unclear whether people are prepared to pay a monthly fee to watch these shows.Still have this problem Streaming service overload -You may not get excited about subscribing to another product, just to make sure you understand all the content CNN provides.

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