Facebook rejects Biden’s claim that it “killed” people with COVID-19 misinformation

Facebook’s claim to President Biden that it and other social networks are “kill“By allowing the spread of COVID-19 misinformation. Social media companies Post Refuting these allegations, using data shows that factors other than Facebook have led to a decline in vaccination rates and an increase in cases.

The company pointed out that the vaccine acceptance rate in user votes has risen from 70% in January 2021 to 85% in July, and that cultural group differences have dropped “significantly” during the same period. This is ahead of Biden’s goal of vaccinating 70% of Americans by July-for Facebook, this shows that the company is “not” the reason why the United States failed to achieve this goal.

Facebook added that although social networks are used as many times as their counterparts in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom have higher vaccination rates. The company said that the performance of the United States is “not just Facebook.”It also points out that it strives to promote Accurate claim And combat lies, including using Error message label, Reduce exposure and delete.

The Internet giant did not try to find other explanations for the troubles in the United States.Some observers have tip There may be a connection between political affiliation and vaccination rates, but Facebook did not even hint at this in its rebuttal.

This is not a perfect argument. Facebook is trying to establish a connection between its poll data and the entire United States, which does not make a neat comparison.The company has not shared estimates of COVID-19 misinformation Slip through the cracks. Social networking sites have a strong motivation to downplay their possible contribution to a given problem Past complaints It has not done enough to prevent misinformation propaganda.

At the same time, these data will turn attention back to the Biden administration if it is to show that health misinformation on social networks such as Facebook is a kind of Main threat, As the American surgeon said recently. If nothing else, it shows that the answer is a complex question, no matter how much responsibility Facebook has.

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