Daniel Craig talks about his last outing as Bond

Daniel Craig is 007

Daniel Craig is 007
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Daniel Craig’s performance against James Bond is absolutely positive.

actor Tell Total Film He has no intention of coming back ghost (The 24th Bond movie). “I think my body may not be able to do another thing,” said Craig, who tore the meniscus of his knee during the six-month painful shooting. “For me, I will never come back again.”

What makes No time to die The uniqueness is that its creation is a traditional farewell to Craig. Sean Connery and George Lazenby are the only ones who announced that they will leave the role, but usually, the actors are replaced without informing the public. Craig continued to discuss his last movie and the ending of it all. Craig described the film as “final.” “As far as ending the story, the circle is now complete. I feel spiritually satisfied.”

This is Craig’s idea too Fleabag actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Because he is a loyal fan of her work, so he was invited to make post-script revisions. In the revision, she specifically focused on portraying the role of Ana De Armas, Paloma. No time to die Created a world where James Bond is no longer relevant. Without him, things have changed. “What we want to do is… don’t laugh at him. It is sharing fun with the audience,” Craig explained. “But you must respect what it is.”

Total movie The interview is very extensive and provides more comprehensive content No time to die. I recommend reading the entire article.

The film is directed by Fukuyong Gary, Daniel Craig, Rami Marek, Lashana Lynch, Naomi Harris, Leah Seydoux, Anna de Armas and Ralph Fiennes. The movie will premiere in October this year!

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