General Motors warns against parking Chevrolet Bolt electric cars indoors because two cars caught fire recently

According to 2017 to 2019, owners of Chevrolet Bolt electric cars should not park their cars indoors or charge them at night unattended. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).The warning is in the two Bolt EVs contained in It’s been on fire recently.A big fire happened outside one’s home State Assemblyman of Vermont Earlier this month, another one occurred in New Jersey.

“At GM, safety is our top priority and we are investigating this issue as soon as possible,” a spokesperson for the automaker told According to NHTSA, the battery in the vehicle included in the safety warning may emit smoke and catch fire.

In the United States, General Motors recalled nearly 51,000 Bolt electric vehicles. The company has updated cars that limit the battery to 90% of a full charge.Recently, General Motors stated that it would In these cars, to prevent future fires. It also promises to evaluate and replace batteries with any “abnormal” characteristics. It is worth noting that, at the same time, it also cancelled the charging cap that was implemented when the Bolt was initially recalled.

Part of the reason why the continued reports of the Bolt fire are worrying is that the 2017-2019 models use the same battery at the center of similar problems with Hyundai Kona. Both companies purchased batteries for these vehicles from LG Chem.Last year, Hyundai Kona electric cars continue to replace batteries after more than a dozen fires .

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