Apple’s AirPods Max hit a record low of $449 on Adorama

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Apple’s AirPods Max has many things to love, but their high price is not one of them. At $550, they are even more expensive than the competitors of Bose and Sony, but you can now buy canned food at Adorama for a lower price of $100.Online retailers are selling all available colors AirPods max, Reducing them to $449.This is the best price we have seen on these headphones, more than $30 Amazon immediately.

Buy AirPods Max at Adorama-$449

Despite how expensive they are, AirPods Max has earned a place on our website Favorite headphones With its excellent sound quality, comfortable wearing feeling and good active noise reduction, it is on the list. They have an eye-catching design, but this does not hinder their comfort—— we like Their breathable mesh fabric and big earmuffs. They also have various rotating crowns for on-board controls. Although some people may not be familiar, it is very reliable and easy to use.

AirPods Max’s sound is more natural than the other headphones we’ve tested, and their bass is prominent but not overwhelming.Although we prefer ANC quality Sony’s WH-1000XM4, AirPods Max can be self-sustained, blocking most of the environmental noise. Just like other AirPods, Max has a transparent mode, so you can easily join the conversation when you need it, and quickly return to your desk without being distracted. Although these headphones do not support Apple’s lossless audio, they do support Dolby Atmos spatial audio on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV will soon be supported.

For most people, any type of AirPods is an H1 chip, which enables them to quickly pair and switch Apple devices. Max is equipped with this chip, so you can use them from answering calls on iPhone to listening to music from Mac without any problems. Although the price is still high compared to competing headphones, the $100 discount should not be underestimated. If you have been following AirPods Max since its release, then this promotion is a good opportunity to buy AirPods Max at a more friendly price.

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