Boss latest guitar has built-in synthesizer and Bluetooth pedal control

boss Introduced a new electric guitar, which adds some modern technology, so you can easily program it with various synthesized sounds. The company stated in a press release that EURUS GS-1 has a built-in chord Boss synthesizer engine that allows players to “access a series of stunning simulated flavor sounds” by pressing a switch.

The synthesizer engine provides high sound quality and natural tactile response, with 6 onboard memories that can play sounds immediately, and a synthesizer control knob for manual adjustment. Boss said that all synthesizer sounds respond to normal guitar technology, with “no delay or triggering issues to interfere with the music flow.”


In addition to the built-in synthesizer sounds, you can also use the Boss GS-1 Editor app for iOS and Android devices to program your own sounds via Bluetooth. It provides “many different synthesizer types and variations”, as well as the ability to adjust pitch, resonance and other parameters. You can also locate a series of parameters into the guitar’s synthesizer control and save your favorite sound combination before playing.

It can also be paired with the new EV-1-WL wireless MIDI pedal operated via Bluetooth, and can change parameters such as pitch bend, hold, and filter depth through a toe switch and up to two external foot switches.

The guitar is made in Japan, with an offset body design, a slim profile, a 24-fret neck, and a compound radius fingerboard. It has Gotoh hardware, which can achieve “smooth vibrato action and solid tuning stability, with a two-point pivot and a locking head with staggered height”. The EURUS GS-1 guitar will be available in the United States in October 2021, priced at US$2,200.

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