For some reason, Paco Rabanne’s latest perfume has NFC

What is the taste of the future? It depends on who you ask. PUIG’s perfumers produce perfumes for Paco Rabanne. They believe that the future is full of sensuality, confidence and vitality. This is how they chose to market Phantom, the fashion company’s latest perfume with a retro-futuristic art style. The Phantom is packed in a robot-shaped bottle. When you tap the NFC tag embedded in its head with your mobile phone, it will welcome you into its own digital world. The digital gadgets provided will include interactive filters, personalized playlists, augmented reality filters, etc.

Paco Rabanne is synonymous with the Spanish designer Francisco Rabaneda Cuervo, who was a pioneer in the fashion industry in the 1960s. Both he and the house named after him are grateful for the absurdity of science fiction. Rabanne began to make dresses from metal and plastic, glued or stitched together with wire instead of sewing. His fashion works have added luster to almost every retrospective of fashion in the 1960s, and far more than his contemporaries can reflect the “space age” fashion of that era.

Phantom is intended as a love letter to that period of history, and its retro-futuristic design will not seem out of place BarbarellaThe bottle is heavy, with the traditional lowercase “pr” logo on the torso, and the outline of the “p” is made of glass. This allows you to watch the waterline drop as you spray yourself with a fragrance every morning. It comes in two sizes: 100ml (I have seen and used it) and 150ml, only the latter is refillable.

Of course, Phantom is not just a fancy bottle, but also the key to the entire online digital goods world. It has an NFC chip on the top of the bottle. When the user taps on the chip, it will welcome the owner’s smartphone to the list of digital gadgets as a reward for buying the bottle. At the time of writing, there are only two projects available, but the company stated that the list of projects will grow over time, as described above.

Daniel Cooper

First, Boombot allows you to choose a date to get Spotify’s “No. 1 Music Playlist of the Day”. After careful analysis, it seems to be limited to the US charts, but you will be able to open playlists in Spotify and find tunes for half a century.If you have used such a website before, then you will be familiar with this feature My birthday click-through rate, Does not look so beautiful, but the work done is very similar.

Second, and the last one so far, is an exclusive Instagram filter called Phantom Philter by Paco Rabanne. This will see a small AR version of the bottle sitting on your shoulders, flying around your head, or telling others that it loves them, and its eye and head movements will be synchronized with you. And it’s fun, at least you can take a selfie with a small cartoon.

But science fiction is not only reflected in the clothes Phantom wears, but also in how the perfume was originally created. Perfumers work with artificial intelligence to help them explore new possibilities for making perfumes. According to the company, the team conceived a new scent and then programmed the formula into artificial intelligence, which uses a series of yet-to-try combinations to make the response to odors stronger.

In the case of Phantom, perfumer Loc Dong wanted to try “excessively” using a molecule called styrene acetate. When he made this suggestion to the computer, it suggested that Dong use “ten times the usual amount”, compared with modern perfumes. Similarly, the lavender used in perfume comes from “molecular distillation”, which produces a “very modern fragrance of lavender.”

In a statement, Paco Rabane added that the perfume was tested on men aged 18-35 to determine how it felt. They said that Phantom made them feel “sexy,” “alert,” and “vigorous,” although the details of the test were a bit loose.

Now, I am not a perfume commentator, and I will leave this job to Fragrantica who is more qualified. (Who knew that people would smell a scent and would like the designer to add more bergamot?) I describe Phantom as a sweet musk that still feels strong and long lasting even after several hours of use. It is definitely more vibrant than the scent I am used to — my aftershave of choice is Chanel Allure Homme Sport — so it feels more efficient. In fact, Phantom is a strong smell, but not an unpleasant or strong smell. In these COVID-sensitive times, everyone I invite to smell me seems to agree.

All in all, the taste is not bad.

I don’t know if the digital products provided will be attractive here, at least not the current evidence. Maybe this is for the damn menswear influencers I see on Instagram, even if they represent YSL and Celine more often. Perhaps a small AR robot, sitting on their shoulders while smoking and drinking coffee, leaning against a bench in a Paris park, is what they need to relax and relax. But, basically, you would buy this thing because it smells good, not because you got a free Instagram filter… right?

Phantom by Paco Rabanne will be launched on August 1, 2021 and will be available in Macy’s, Nordstrom, Dillard and Sephora in the United States. It is unclear what the price of the 100 ml bottle is, but the 150 ml version is priced at $125, while the 200 ml refill is priced at $130.

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