Amazon acquired Facebook’s satellite internet team

The race to develop a satellite Internet includes some fairly large participants such as SpaceX, Amazon, SoftBank and Facebook. However, Facebook has now basically abandoned this business and sold its Internet satellite team to Amazon. information There are reports. For Amazon, this is an important step for Amazon to develop the Kuiper satellite network and catch up with SpaceX. Starlink Broadband constellation.

Like Starlink, Project Kuiper aims to provide users around the world with low-latency, high-speed broadband connections. Amazon’s goal is to have 3,236 satellites in orbit by 2029, half of which will be launched in 2026. It also plans to establish 12 ground stations around the world to transmit data with satellites.

The company said it will spend more than 10 billion U.S. dollars to achieve all of this, and has recently received Approved by the FAA For the project.It also announced last year It will use United Launch Alliance’s ultra-reliable Atlas V rocket for the initial satellite launch.

Amazon has significantly increased the recruitment of Project Kuiper at its Redmond headquarters, and currently has 500 employees and 200 open positions. According to reports, employees from Facebook are all in the Los Angeles area, including physicists and optical, prototyping, mechanical, and software engineers. Facebook’s former Southern California connection leader Kim Baines is now listed as the leader of the Kuiper project. LinkedIn Page.

At the same time, Facebook seems to be exiting the satellite Internet business, focusing on terrestrial projects, investing in submarine and terrestrial fiber and wireless services, such as Fast wireless networkThe company recently launched an “Athena” satellite through its PointView Tech subsidiary, but this is only a test mission, not the beginning of a satellite Internet constellation. With the sale of its satellite team to Amazon, any ambitions in this area seem to be over.

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