Google launches new Drive desktop application for synchronizing files and photos

Google is streamlining how Users back up and synchronize their files.The company is roll out The new desktop version of the Drive app on Mac and Windows.

The desktop version of Drive will replace the backup and synchronization application ( Google Drive desktop app in 2018) and , Suitable for business users.Given that Google Workspace is now , It doesn’t make much sense to have a separate synchronization method.

The new application combines According to Google, backup and synchronization and Virtual Drive. You will be able to upload and sync your photos and videos in Google Photos and Drive. You can also choose to synchronize external storage devices with the cloud. In addition, you can use the locally stored version of the file to mirror the Drive file on your computer for faster access.

Most importantly, you can For example, your desktop and documents.Also integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Meet schedule, you will be able to see who is editing Microsoft Office Documents real time.

Drive File Stream users don’t need to do much. Google renamed the application to the desktop version of Drive, and will get backup and synchronization capabilities in the next few months. Google will prompt backup and sync users to switch to the desktop version of Drive.From October 1st, backup and sync , So you need to convert to continue using Drive to back up your files.

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