Chris Hemsworth records new lines for the role of Throg

Chris Hemsworth is Thor

Chris Hemsworth is Thor
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Believe it or not, Chris Hemsworth Appears in Loki’s latest episode. Well, his voice does.

This Kate Herron An episode titled director Mystery journey, Occurs at a location called The Void created by the Time Difference Administration at the end of time. It is in this gap that the audience saw Throg (a version of Thor in the form of a frog on earth-97161) Trapped in a bottle deep underground because he tried to break through to reach his Thor’s Hammer.

When Herron was on the ForAllNerds podcast last Friday, she revealed that Chris Hemsworth was the voice of Throg.You didn’t hear the frog say any dialogue, but the scream it made came from HemsworthHerron asked him to strictly record new lines and new voices for the performance, and she hid it deeply.

“Throg, let him in [was fun],” Herron said on the podcast. “By the way, we recorded Chris Hemsworth for this. By the way, I haven’t told anyone yet, but we recorded him for this, so this is a new recording. It was a brand new recording, and it has not been recycled. “

After the episode aired on Disney+, Rocky writer Eric Martin told fans that Throg would play a longer role in this episode, but it was cut out due to time constraints. #Release Throgcut

Watch a clip of Kate Herron’s interview here!

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