The FBI’s criminal call includes a customized version of Android

phone FBI sold to scammers The sting operation is more than just running custom applications-it seems that the operating system has also been adjusted for these goals. motherboard have obtain One of the “Anom” phones (really, modified Pixel 4a), its mysterious “ArcaneOS” has many custom settings that you don’t necessarily expect, even for privacy-oriented phones.

On the one hand, there is no app store. You also cannot switch location tracking.And don’t think you can simply use Third-party firmware Make it behave more like a normal phone-even if the startup screen tells you that the device has been modified, the bootloader is locked.

Some users say that Anom is based on the existing GrapheneOS, but Anom may lie to buyers about software in order to instill a false sense of trust.

The interface does include some security features that will appeal to criminal target audiences, including a hidden chat application (accessed at work via a “calculator”) and PIN scrambling. There is also an erasure code feature that allows you to wipe your phone from the lock screen, although the Department of Justice apparently disliked the feature when it accused certain Anom developers of obstructing law enforcement.

At least one owner of a second-hand Anom phone said they got one Pixel 3a, Which shows that as the sting unfolded, the FBI turned to a different device.

Well, even out of curiosity, you would not want to buy one of these devices. However, it is now clear to what extent the FBI is fighting criminals.The agency hopes to give unsuspecting drug dealers an impression that they are using real Encrypted phone, All the way to the operating system, even if the device quietly discloses information to law enforcement officials.

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