Biden asks Putin to crack down on ransomware hackers (again)

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In view of the continuing ransomware attacks from Russia, President Joe Biden called Vladimir Putin on Friday to emphasize that Russia should crack down on cybercriminals operating in Russia. Its borders, while adding that the United States will take “any action necessary” to protect itself from the future attack.

Whether it is Colonial pipeline attack Or JBS attack Threatening American pork supply, The ransomware group claiming to be responsible for the biggest hacking attack this year has always been from Eastern Europe, usually Russia.

Now, with severity and scope The recent Kaseya attack, Which occurred on the weekend of July 4, reportedly caused by Russian cyber gang REvil, The pressure on the Biden administration to take measures to stop the seemingly endless wave of online massacres is increasing-the prevailing view is that Biden should force Putin to deal with this issue internally. Above everything, An obvious hacker Just a week ago, the accusations of the Republican National Committee—supposedly in the hands of Russian government spies—only added fuel to the fire.

So, a phone call. The call took place sometime on Friday, a few weeks after the two leaders met during the meeting. Geneva Summit Among other things, discuss ongoing cyber attacks. At the time, Biden said that the dialogue between them was “good and positive”, and the two discussed some strategies on network security-but apparently, these strategies have not yet paid off.

At a press conference this afternoon, a reporter met Biden on his way out, and the two exchanged briefly on the president’s talk with the Russian leader. Washington post):

Reporter: How did Putin respond to your call today, sir?

Biden: Well, I made it clear to him that the United States hopes that when the ransomware operation comes from his territory, even if it is not sponsored by the state, we also want them to take action. If there is enough information on who to take action, then Yes. Second, we have now established a way of regular communication so that we can communicate with each other when each of us thinks that something is happening in another country that affects our country. So it went smoothly. I am optimistic.

Reporter: You said there will be consequences three weeks ago. Will it, sir?

Biden: Yes.

The obvious question is: Well, yes, but what will be the consequences?If it is not possible to confirm that the Russian government played a role in these attacks in some respects, is it appropriate to distribute them (common sense says they are not-although this is Grey area). All this is still very unclear.

As i have already written At a certain lengthIt is interesting to see that people seem to think Biden will take office and kick him through a room or something immediately after meeting Putin. No, diplomacy is still the same thing. Except for some foreign policy decisions that few people want to see, this is almost the only way for the White House to let Russia do anything.

Interestingly, there seems to be some disagreement between Russia and the United States on the overall progress of foreign affairs.

On Friday, Putin apparently told Biden that Russia is willing to cooperate with the United States to solve the ransomware problem, but “US law enforcement agencies have not yet contacted the Russian authorities” to discuss the attack. Washington Post reports——If you listen to Biden officials, this is not true.

In fact, a senior official in the Biden administration refuted this statement: “We have conveyed to Moscow a number of specific requests for action against cybercriminals, and clarified Russia’s responsibility for action, including taking action again today. ,” they told the newspaper.

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