This week’s best deal: Apple’s 10.2-inch iPad and other products are $30 off

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There have been many new technology transactions on the Internet this week, and some July 4 sales are still in progress.Apple’s 10.2-inch iPad has been reduced to $300, and Amazon and Best Buy have discounted a series of Nintendo Switch games to $45-including Protect the animalsIf you missed it during the holiday weekend, you can buy Solo Stove’s Bonfire for $120 lower than usual, while ThermoWorks’ ThermoWorks Mk4 drops to $69. Here are the best technical offers you can still get this week.

Nintendo Switch game

Amazon and Best Buy now have many Switch games on sale, including Animal Crossing: New Horizons 45 USDThis is the lowest price we have ever seen, so if you have not caught up with the trend, now is a good time to win.There are discounts Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edition And a bunch of Mario games like Super Mario 3D All-Star.

Buy Animal Crossing: Amazon New Horizons-$45 Buy Animal Crossing at Best Buy: New Horizons-$45

Buy Super Mario 3D World on Amazon-$45 Buy Super Mario 3D World at Best Buy-$45

Buy Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Amazon-$45 Buy Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at Best Buy-$45

Buy Super Mario 3D All-Star at Best Buy-$45

10.2 inch iPad

You can still get apples 10.2-inch iPad 299 US dollars, or 30 US dollars lower than the normal price. For new tablet users, it is arguably the best iPad we like Its improved performance, familiar design, and support for the first-generation Apple Pencil.

Buy a 10.2-inch iPad on Amazon-$299

Mac Mini M1

Apple Mac mini


Apple’s Mac Mini M1 Since the automatically applied coupon reduced the sales price by 59 dollars, the price was reduced to 600 dollars. In addition to the M1 chipset, you can also get 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage space in this model. This machine is a great upgrade for those who have old desktops and those who want more flexibility than the new color iMac allows.

Buy Mac Mini M1 on Amazon-$600

MacBook Air M1

Newest MacBook Air M1 It has now fallen to US$899, which is US$100 lower than the normal price. For most people, it is one of the best laptops, and the M1 chipset will only make it more cost-effective. Air M1 won 94 points We are praised by us for its incredibly fast performance, excellent keyboard and trackpad, good battery life and no fan noise.

Buy MacBook Air M1 on Amazon-$899

24-inch iMac M1

Apple colorful iMac Amazon equipped with an 8-core GPU can now enjoy a $50 discount, down to $1,450.We give this desktop a 89 points With M1 chip, lovely 24-inch Retina display and thin and light design, its excellent performance.

Buy a 24-inch iMac at Amazon-$1,450

Apple Watch Series 6 product red version

The GPS + Cellular model of Apple Watch Series 6 Product Red Edition is $100 off Amazon.This 40mm Fell to $399, or close to historical lows, while 44mm version Set a record low of 429 US dollars.We gave Series 6 a 89 points Faster performance, faster charging and slightly extended battery life.

Buy Series 6 (40mm, GPS + Cellular) on Amazon-$399 Buy Series 6 (44mm, GPS + Cellular) on Amazon-$429

OnePlus 9 Pro

This OnePlus 9 Pro Smartphones are now reduced by 100 US dollars to 970 US dollars.Regular OnePlus 9 It’s also on discount, but only $80. We gave 9 Pro 88 points Excellent display, outstanding performance and greatly improved main camera.

Buy OnePlus 9 Pro on Amazon-$970 Buy OnePlus 9 on Amazon-$650

Samsung T7 Touch SSD (500GB)

Samsung T7 Touch SSD black and silver, white background.


Samsung’s T7 Touch portable SSD 500GB dropped to $90, close to its historical low price. This palm-sized drive has a read speed of up to 1,050 MB/s and a write speed of up to 1,000 MB/s. In addition to password protection, it also has a built-in fingerprint reader for added security.

Buy Samsung T7 Touch (500GB) on Amazon-$90


Bonfire Even after the July 4th holiday, you can still enjoy a $120 discount. These are smokeless portable fire pits, We recommended It used to be an easy way to upgrade the backyard settings.

Buy a campfire at Solo Stove-$230

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

This Thermapen Mk4 Still selling for $69 because ThermoWorks makes room for new products Thermapen 1 thermometer. The Mk4 is the best instant-reading thermometer we have used so far-the backlit display can be easily read in almost any situation, and the display rotates according to how you hold the pen. In addition, you never have to remember to turn it off, because when you pick it up, the pen will automatically turn on and turn off after a period of non-use.

Buy ThermoWorks ThermoWorks Mk4-$69

Omaze Gaming PC Giveaway

Omaze is giving away another $20,000 to build your ultimate gaming PCThis sweepstakes is free to participate, but the funds donated for the purchased entries will benefit Schools on Wheels, an organization that provides free tutoring and guidance services for homeless children in Southern California.

Enter Omaze to win

Prices and availability may change. No donation or payment is required to participate in or win this sweepstakes. Check out Omaze’s official rules.

New technology transactions

Philips Hue White and Color Ambience smart lights

A three pack Philips Hue White and Color Ambience smart bulbs The price is 99 US dollars, which is 35 US dollars lower than the normal price. Although not a record low, this is a big sale for smart light bulbs, and you usually don’t see big discounts. In addition to the standard white light, these bulbs also provide 16 million colors and can be controlled by a smart phone.

Buy Philips Hue lamps (pack of 3) on Amazon-$99

Dyson V10 allergy

Dyson cuts its price by $80 V10 Allergy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Reducing it to $400. This model includes a V10 motor with 14 cyclones and a filtration system that claims to exhaust cleaner air because it can capture 99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. In addition to the vacuum cleaner, you can also get a plug-in base and five different cleaning head tools.

Buy V10 Allergy at Dyson-$400

Anker 63W GaN USB-C Fast Charger

A handy Anchored charger It’s back to the Prime daily price of $39. This is the lowest price in history, nearly 22 dollars lower than the normal price. This ultra-thin brick has two USB-C ports and two USB-C ports, so it can power up to four devices at the same time, with a total power of 63 watts.

Buy 63W GaN USB-C fast charger on Amazon-$39

Microsoft’s back to school offer

The Microsoft Store has just started Back to school promotion, Which includes discounts on Surface devices, gaming devices, and more. It is worth noting that the price of a transaction can be reduced by up to $100. Surface Go 2 + keyboard cover set, You can get a discount of up to $500 Gaming laptop From various brands.

Purchase Microsoft’s back to school offer


one Our recommended VPN Sales of the two-year subscription are good.You can sign up NordVPN Only $89 for the first two years, or $44.50 per year-additional summer promotions add a three-month free period on this basis. We like NordVPN because of its speed, no-logs policy, the thousands of servers it must choose, and an account that supports up to six connected devices.

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