Olympic bans fans, Pfizer eye boosters and more coronavirus news

Olympic Bar In the eyes of the audience, the Delta variant continues to spread, and Pfizer plans to carry out a booster and a third dose. Here is what you should know:

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The Tokyo Olympics bans spectators because other countries are dealing with the return of face-to-face events

Yesterday, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced that there will not be any live audience. Upcoming Tokyo Olympics Due to the increase in Covid-19 cases. The new state of emergency will take effect in Tokyo on Monday and will last until August 22. This news is contrary to the announcement a few weeks ago, when the International Olympic Committee stated that it would allow the reduction of the number of local fans to participate in the game in person. Compared with other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, Japan’s vaccination rate is still very low.

At the same time, as vaccination rates in other parts of the world continue to rise, some countries are dealing with the return of large face-to-face events, although not without some minor problems.Singapore Express Allow bigger gatherings Later this month, when more than half of the population is vaccinated, people who have been fully vaccinated. In the U.S, The concert venue is full one more time.Fans have been gathering around England to watch the European Championship football tournament, although researchers believe this may be Related to sudden surge In the case.

Delta variants lead to an increase in cases in the U.S. and around the world

As of this week, the Delta variant has officially become Dominant strains The coronavirus is spreading in the United States.in spite of The current vaccine is still effective In response to this mutation, unvaccinated Americans face significant risks. Increase in hospital admissions and new cases, Especially in areas where vaccination rates are relatively low in the country. more than 99% of Americans who died of the disease in June were not vaccinated.All this happens to people Travel more freely This summer, and other illnesses Those who were suppressed by pandemic prevention measures can make a comeback.

Delta variants also continue to cause problems worldwide. South Korea, where it was thought that the virus was basically under control, Increase social distancing measures In Seoul, because it faces the worst wave the country has seen so far.The WHO said yesterday that Africa is also experiencing Its worst surge Among the cases, cases are increasing in more than 16 countries across the African continent.

Drugmakers investigate booster and third dose in new research on vaccine efficacy

Pfizer recently announced that it intends Seek emergency authorization In August, the FDA approved a third dose of the vaccine to boost immunity, especially in the presence of Delta variants. The drugmaker said that early data from its enhanced research showed that antibody levels increased significantly after the third dose. In other words, even if Pfizer is approved by the FDA, when many people have not received the initial dose, it will still be up to public health authorities to decide whether a booster is needed.Pfizer and BioNTech are also developing a booster injection specifically for For Delta variants.

Researchers are working hard to understand this new strain and what continued mutations mean for immunity. New research published this week It is found that people who are fully vaccinated have good protection against the Delta variant, but only one shot of two doses provides little protection, which again reminds people how important it is to accept a complete vaccination process.

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How does the pandemic change sleep habits?

When many workers do not go to work and students do not go to face-to-face classes, many people find themselves Sleeping more and more lateFor researchers concerned with sleep, this provides an opportunity for real-time research and proves that work schedules often cause people to sleep less and wake up earlier than they listen to their bodies. Now, as more and more people return to work and school in person, some experts say that this new knowledge of how people sleep and wake up should inform future schedules.

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