Major crypto scammer sentenced to 15 years in prison

According to the government, the mastermind behind one of the largest cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes prosecuted in the United States has always been Sentenced Up to 15 years in spite of Encryption scam Already obtain More and more common, Swedish citizen Roger Nils-Jonas Karlsson defrauded thousands of victims and stole tens of millions of dollars in the past ten years. He pleaded guilty to securities and wire transfer fraud and money laundering charges on March 4.

According to the Ministry of Justice, Carlson began implementing fraudulent investment plans in 2011 until his arrest in Thailand in 2019. His target is financially insecure people, such as the elderly, to persuade them to use cryptocurrency to buy shares in a company he calls “Eastern Metal”. Securities. According to the information in the court documents, he promised the victims huge compensation linked to the price of gold, but the money they handed over was not invested at all. It was transferred to Carlson’s personal bank account and used to buy expensive houses in Thailand. Resort.

In order to keep his plan running for nearly ten years, he will rename and show the account statements to the victims to convince them that their funds are safe. Carlson will then provide them with various excuses for delaying payments, even falsely claiming to cooperate with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. During the sentencing period, US District Judge Charles R. Breyer ordered the confiscation of his resorts and accounts in Thailand. He was also ordered to pay the victim US$16,263,820.

Acting U.S. Attorney Stephanie Hines for the Northern District of California said:

“The investigation of Roger Karlsson’s fraud has revealed a frighteningly cold plan that lasted for more than a decade, during which Karlsson targeted thousands of victims, including the economically vulnerable elderly, and robbed mercilessly. Their assets, all of them are to promote the luxury lifestyle surrounded by luxury apartments and luxury apartments. Luxurious international holidays. The court’s decision to impose a sentence of 180 months reflects the fact that Carlson’s cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme It is one of the biggest scams that have been sentenced to date, and to ensure that Carlson will now have enough time to consider the harm he caused to his victims.”

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