Instacart hires Facebook application leader as its next CEO

have employment A Facebook executive serves as its next CEO. Fidji Simo will take over the top position of the delivery service on August 2nd, replacing founder Apoorva Mehta, who will assume the role of executive chairman. Simo joined Instacart’s board of directors in January.

Simo has worked at Facebook for ten years.She rose to Become the person in charge of the Facebook application in 2019. She helps videos become an important part of Facebook through her work Facebook Live with Watch, and also Auto-playing news feed videoSimo previously worked in local business and classified advertising at eBay.

Although many businesses are struggling under the impact of COVID-19, it is a boom time for Instacart as people turn to delivery apps to order groceries in droves.the company Fulfill orders at the beginning of the pandemic, even though workers Went on strike Due to lack of safety equipment. Report Instacart is seeking a listing, and may be listed later this year.

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