Give me more romantic options in video games

there are many, a lot of, a lot of The reason people play video games. Sometimes it is for the challenge; other times it is for the story. It can be for comfort, nostalgia, new experiences, entertainment, distraction, or even learning a thing or two. I? I played for the friends I made along the way.

That might be Memes, But this is not a joke. Well, not really. Of course, the game provides all the other benefits, but sometimes, usually, it is falling for me to start more characters.There is no more common place than this Mass Effect Trilogy. By letting the main character (always playing FemShep) walk around between tasks and interact with the staff, the game encourages players to build relationships with them. Garrus Vakarian is still an avian and dinosaur boyfriend on the Internet, and there is a reason (tell me more about these calibrations, Garrus), and it is related to the BioWare writers’ understanding of the players and their characters and the connection they have established with the Citadel DLC .

Citadel DLC was born in a worrying period.After a strong protest against the end Mass effect 3 (Broken), BioWare not only rewritten the conclusion, but also released additional downloadable content to appease fans. Not all these DLCs are ideal (looking at you, From ashes), but Citadel is a beautiful thing. It’s basically a role-driven game for hours, but you hang out with your friends. It is full of jokes and weak seriousness, and it may be the entire task of a character dedicated to braiding each other’s hair. (I regret not editing the scene now.)

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Citadel is also an outlier.I did not appreciate it at the time (I am still healing Lots ofThe trilogy left a hole in my heart), but the DLC is truly unique. This is a respite between highly stressful tasks, and it also provides something that few AAA games can bring gamers: social.Understandably, game developers-who have spent a long time making games-may not want to spend extra time to create a bunch of moving moments, but it’s time for them to realize that this is a lot of players do miss you. They want more friendship, more romantic choices, more personal content in the game. Or at least I did it.Unlike other forms of storytelling such as TV or movies, video games are where fans gather were able The role interaction with the quasi-social relationship they form The fact that more games have no content to take advantage of this is a bit absurd.

Frankly speaking, it is surprising that at this point in the development of the game, the friendship and love option DLC has not yet become a thing. Since the emergence of the media, leveraging fanatic fans has been a big business, and it feels like a huge untapped market. It is true that Citadel DLC can be downloaded for free from BioWare, but to be honest, I am willing to pay for this type of content. Of course, many others will do the same.I know i said i Complete with DLC, But that is different. That’s about gameplay. It’s about giving me—and others like me—something different: a new kind of game.

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