The morning after: bold nerves

Audacity is a very popular audio editing software, But it has some powerful features, even though it is free and open source.

However, recent changes Leading to accusations that editing applications are now spyware. In addition to collecting user data for “application analysis” and “improving our apps”-typical things-these data will obviously also be used for “law enforcement.”


The policy states that it will capture “data required by law enforcement, litigation and authorities (if any).” It may share personal data with “any competent law enforcement agency, regulatory agency, government agency, court or other third party that we believe is necessary to disclose.” Yes, this is a bit vague.

These privacy policy changes occurred after Audacity was acquired by Muse Group in April. These changes also include prohibiting children under 13 from using Audacity, which would violate the current license to distribute software.

Since the acquisition of Audacity, data collection is clearly planned. As noted by some reports, Github updated that the application should include opt-in anonymous analysis data collection, processed by Google and Yandex, but this was cautioned by comments that it was “strictly optional and disabled by default”. It does not sound as extensive as the final policy update.

Speaking of Github, some users are already calling for a fork of the software to create a new version of the application based on the source code. For Audacity owner Muse Group, this is the difficult start of its latest purchase.

— Matt Smith

It gently tapped the possibilities of PS5.

Final Fantasy VII Intergrade

Square Enix

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade It’s a bit confusing if the name is not leaked is Crafted for PlayStation 5, but it also includes new original content called Intermission.This is a two-chapter run completely separate from the main game, followed by the once-optional character Yuffie. RemakeThe main location, Midgar. Unfortunately, you can only play Intermission with PS5. But, my goodness, it feels like a dream to play. continue reading.

It is a joint venture with Porsche, named Bugatti Rimac.

Bugatti rimac


As part of a joint venture with Porsche (owned by Volkswagen), the electric supercar company Rimac is controlling Volkswagen’s supercar brand Bugatti. Bugatti and Rimac will share resources and expertise, but will remain independent brands with their own production and distribution organizations.

Bugatti will be able to use Rimac’s electric vehicle expertise and may inherit its tradition of manufacturing electric vehicles. At the same time, Rimac can use Bugatti’s knowledge to create the second fastest street-legal car on the planet: the Bugatti Veyron. continue reading.

The filter makes the sea water ready to drink in a few minutes.

South Korean scientists claim that a new desalination technology makes sea water drinkable within minutes. The researchers’ membrane distillation process achieved a salt rejection rate of 99.9% in a whole month. They said that if commercialized, the solution will help alleviate the drinking water crisis exacerbated by climate change. According to the United Nations, more than 3 billion people worldwide are affected by water shortages.

Although scientists have used membrane distillation in the past, if the membrane becomes too wet, the salt cannot be removed. This special solution uses 3D membranes and nanotechnology. continue reading.

Bring us back, kick and scream, and enter the dating game.

Bumblebee Brew

Bumblebee/Floating Studio

In New York, Bumble is opening a cafe/restaurant/bar. Bumble Brew plans to open breakfast service on July 24, and lunch and dinner service will begin at Nolita Restaurant in the coming weeks. In addition to the restaurant that can accommodate 80 people, there will also be a cocktail bar, terrace restaurant and private dining space.

The new business is based on the Bumble Hive pop-up community space, where people can hang out, eat and drink, and meet others. Alas, you won’t be able to reserve a table directly from the app—at least not yet. continue reading.

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