The batsman in the home run derby will use the 5G helmet camera for live broadcast

If you ever wanted to see the batting action of a professional baseball player through their eyes, then you will have a chance. T-Mobile is marketing its 5G network by equipping players in the 2021 home run derby with a helmet-mounted 5G viewing angle camera (including the receiver’s mask).Watch the live game through one Special T-Mobile website You can witness the batting practice and the derby itself just like on the court. 5G (hopefully) keeps everything in sync.

The tournament will begin on July 12, with practice starting at 6:30 pm Eastern time, and the derby at 8 pm. The POV camera was also launched with the new MLB AR mobile application to explore the Coors Field in 3D and obtain detailed statistics for each swing. People with 5G phones will also get additional statistics, such as hang-up time and exit speed, although this is obviously just an incentive to upgrade the device. You don’t need 5G to get some extra numbers.

This video is “only” in high-definition, and it is not clear which players will have 5G cameras. T-Mobile stated that they will be equipped with three to four hat cameras during the batting practice, and then two (one for the American League and one for the National League) and a catcher camera during the derby. . However, if all goes well, you will see what a star like Masahira Otani looks like when he kicks a person out of the park. Look at it this way-even with limited cameras, this is one of the few 5G collocations that are more than just gimmicks.

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