Police ticket driver tapping Starlink Dish on car hood

California motorists found an illustration of an article titled

Screenshot: California Highway Patrol

Someone thought of the good idea of ​​installing a Starlink satellite dish on the hood of their car, and now they are paying for it.

On Friday, a California Highway Patrolman issued a ticket to a driver driving a Toyota Prius Star chain antenna Attached to its hood, according to A Facebook post From the agency.

“Sir, I stopped you today because you have a visual impairment on your hood. Will it block your view while driving?” the official said, as quoted on the CHP Antelope Valley Facebook page. At this time the driver assured them: “Only when I turn right.”

A representative of the Center for Health Protection told the police that the driver had received a mobile violation ticket. He told the police officers that they were using an antenna to obtain a wireless network for a company where they left the car. NBC Finance Channel.

“Yes, according to section 26708(a)(2) of the California Vehicle Act, it is actually illegal to install a satellite antenna on the hood of a vehicle,” CHP Antelope Valley said on Facebook. “You are also not allowed to hang things on the rearview mirror, install a GPS or mobile phone in an unauthorized location on the windshield, or display obstacle signs under this section when the vehicle is driving. This is about safe people.”

Starlink is SpaceX’s fast-growing high-speed internet service that relies on more than 1,500 satellites Orbit the earth.Since launching its Public beta In February, the network has exceeded 694,000 active users in 12 countries, the company’s goal is to reach approximately 500,000 users by this time next year, according to Elon Musk.

Although unproven, the driver may have got this indiscretion from Musk himself.As edge Noted that Musk said on the 2020 earnings conference call that the Starlink terminal is very small—about the size of a pizza—he thought, “Technically, you can buy one and stick it on the car. .”

Of course, just because of you were able Doesn’t mean you should.He backed down later On twitter, And pointed out that these terminals are not designed to be installed on cars, but are used to connect large vehicles such as airplanes, ships, trucks and RVs to the company’s satellite network.To this end, SpaceX has It is said that Request the Federal Communications Commission to authorize the connection of its terminal to a mobile vehicle.

At the same time, if you really need to use wifi anytime, anywhere, you might as well try to explore less illegal options, such as investing in mobile hotspots or Bind your phone instead.

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