Watch the ExoMars parachute deployment from a height of 18 miles

A dummy rises to the stratosphere The height of last week as The European Space Agency is preparing for its ExoMars mission, which will launch next yearThe structural integrity (and reputation) of the dummy parachutes will do, and the clip above shows that they passed the test.

Several parachutes are being tested before the ESA-Roscosmos ExoMars mission, which will go to the Red Planet September 2022. first of all, With a 50-foot-wide first-stage main parachute, it has no problem in slowing down a test dummy falling at supersonic speed.Then came The 115-foot-wide second-stage main parachute did the job, but the damage was minimal.

Thierry Blancquaert, head of the ExoMars team, said at the European Space Agency (ESA): “We are pleased to report that the first main parachute performed perfectly: we have a flight to Mars. Supersonic parachute design Press releaseBlancquaert added: “There are at least two opportunities to test this parachute design to gain further confidence.”

Blancquaert said that although the performance of the second main parachute was not perfect, It does a better job than previous runs; some of them include unsuccessful drop tests in 2019 and 2020.Just in case, this time ESA ordered some spare parachutes from the same US manufacturer Perseverance Roverof successful Parachute system. Both parachutes are equipped with their own pilot parachutes, The dummy has Heat shield.Rocket propulsion system triggered 20 seconds before landing To ensure that the system is slow enough before landing.

The next drop test is scheduled for October or November this year and will be conducted in Oregon.

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