The morning after: you can hang up Lenovo’s new tablet

When it comes to our tablets and laptops, the company will never stop trying new things.Although Apple may make the iPad size bigger-see below-but Lenovo has added a hanger to its new product Yoga tagsIt may also be a stand, but the idea of ​​hanging a tablet is new.We’re already on other tablets, Nintendo Switch, or so we don’t forget Badly designed HTC Thunderbolt, the charging port is placed there, so you cannot charge when using the stand.

Lenovo’s 13-inch tablet shouldn’t have such a problem, but if you use your imagination, the idea of ​​suspending it has some cool use cases. (Monday is difficult, I know.) I can see people using it to guide cooking, and tablets hanging on appliance hooks. This also means that your electronics will not take up counter space, and things like ketchup are unlikely to be hit.

You can also hang it on a coat hook or a pallet table latch on a train or airplane according to the size. In addition, the tablet can also double as a secondary display: you can hang it on the wall and install it in your small work-at-home setting. The use case is there, but the device is expensive for an Android tablet, at $680. However, I am very interested in this prospect-this is something I have never said to Lenovo before.

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Greater than 12.9 inches? Your next iPad might be. Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman claims that Apple is exploring an iPad with a larger display. If they continue, any potential products may take at least “a few years” to ship, but still-Apple hasn’t gotten bigger since the iPad Pro in 2015. continue reading.

Its explanation is not always clear.

YouTube has faced criticism for cracking down on videos that record China’s alleged abuse of Uighur Muslims in the country’s Xinjiang province. Reuters According to the report, YouTube deleted more than a dozen videos from Atajurt Kazakh Human Rights, and deleted the channel itself at one time because it allegedly violated the website’s anti-harassment policy. The deletion was carried out after the report of the unnamed parties.

YouTube told Engadget that the site allowed the recording of videos that violated human rights, and it knew that Atajurt had no sinister intentions when displaying his ID. However, it argues that the rights organization does not have enough “educational, documentary, scientific, and artistic content” to allow exceptions to its policy, mainly the presentation of ID cards, which violates the prohibition on the display of sensitive personal information. continue reading.

Zhu Rong has a lens to support his achievement.

After morning


China has released early video and audio clips of the Zhurong probe’s first landing on the Red Planet. They cover landing as well as deployment and initial movement. There is also a panoramic picture showing how far Zhu Rong has walked from the landing platform. continue reading.

Everything about Windows 11.

In this week’s podcast, Cherlynn and Devindra walked directly from the live reports of Windows 11, running through the biggest technology news of the week, including McCafé, the Supreme Court’s Snapchat, and Ratchet and jingle: the cracks are separated.

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