Apple says to keep these gadgets away from medical equipment

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Apple has expanded its guidance on the potential magnetic interference of its gadgets on medical devices. The last few days, Released a long and detail list It says products that should maintain a “safe distance” from medical equipment.

In a support article, Apple acknowledged that under certain conditions, magnets and electromagnetic fields may interfere with medical equipment. For example, it says that implanted pacemakers and defibrillators may contain sensors that respond to magnets and radios when in close contact. The impact of the company’s products on medical devices, including Already resolved, Has been a focus in recent months, and Promote research As far as this topic is concerned.

“In order to avoid any potential interaction with these types of medical devices, please keep your Apple product and your medical device a safe distance (if wireless charging, the distance is more than 6 inches / 15 cm or more than 12 inches / 30 cm) ,” Apple said. “Please consult your doctor and device manufacturer for specific guidelines.”

This is no small matter. In January, Researchers Explained at Henry Ford Heart and Vascular Institute they Use Medtronic to place iPhone 12 on the patient’s heart Implanted Cardioversion defibrillator. They reported that the operation of the device was suspended each time. Although this study was conducted on a single patient, it raises important questions.Recently, a study American Heart Association Reviewed the impact An iPhone 12 Pro Max is equipped with various devices, and some of them are found to have “susceptibility”.

Apple added in the support article that if someone suspects that their Apple product is interfering with their medical advice, they should Stop using the device immediately and consult their doctor And medical device manufacturers.

Below is a detailed list of Apple products. Apple states that they contain magnets, and the company says it should keep a safe distance from your medical equipment.

AirPods and charging case

  • AirPods and charging case
  • AirPods and wireless charging case
  • AirPods Pro and wireless charging case
  • AirPods Max and smartphone cases

Apple Watch and accessories

  • Apple Watch
  • Apple Watch strap with magnet
  • Apple Watch magnetic charging accessory


iPad and accessories

  • ipad
  • Small tablet
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Smart Cover and Smart Cover
  • iPad Smart Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Cover
  • iPad Magic Keyboard

iPhone and MagSafe accessories

  • iPhone 12 models
  • MagSafe accessories

Mac and accessories

  • Mac mini
  • Mac Pro
  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook Pro
  • iMac
  • Apple Pro Display XDR


  • Beats Flex
  • Beat X
  • PowerBeats Professional Edition
  • UrBeats3

However, these are not the only Apple products that contain magnets. The company said that some other Apple products contain magnets, but they are unlikely to interfere with medical equipment.Users can check Apple’s User’s Guide As its product.

Interestingly, as found Mike Rumor, Apple did not specifically mention its iPhone 12 a January Support Article, Apple said that although the iPhone 12 series has more magnets than the iPhone series, it is “predicted” that it will not pose a greater risk of magnetic interference to medical equipment than previous models. There is no such language in this updated support article.

Should say tHe is not Apple-specific problems. As we all know, many devices, from radios and headphones to Fitbits and e-cigarette pens, can cause magnetic interference. This Food and Drug Administration Acknowledging this, it is recommended that people keep certain Consumer electronic devices, such as some mobile phones and smart watches, at least 6 inches Keep away from implanted medical equipment.

For Apple, it is very important for consumers with medical equipment to understand the possible impact of its products. However, considering the promotion of continuous technological innovation by mankind, The magnet will not disappear. Medical device manufacturers also need to seriously consider solving these problems in their products, or may even cooperate with companies such as Apple to jointly develop solutions to ensure the safety of vulnerable groups.

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