A new “Galactic Exploration” TV show is in production

TV series Galaxy exploration According to reports, under development Actress trek Simon Peggy and succession Writer Georgia Pritchett.According to reports, the news Guide to British Comedy, Was slipped into a era Pritchett’s interview to promote her new series.Pritchett was vice-president with Its thickness, The creator of Apple TV Contraction next door Starring Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd.

Galaxy exploration It was a movie that achieved some success in 1999 and later became a cult comedy (popular because of its own popularity) Retrospective documentary) Long after it left the cinema.This movie turns science fiction into Three friends In the plot, a group of aliens believe that the TV series they accidentally started to watch are true. They select actors at the sci-fi convention and take them into a real battle beyond the stars.

This movie likes to poke the metaphor of this series and Star Trek A legend behind the scenes, starring an unlovable, arrogant actor. The most memorable is the Nimoy-style actor played by the late Alan Rickman. struggle versus contour His greatest role is given to him. At the same time, Gwen DeMarco played by Sigorney Weaver overturned her reputation as the biggest villain in science fiction.

This is not the first time Galaxy exploration Adaptation work has been ongoing, and Amazon initially made a plan 2015Unfortunately, the death of Alan Rickman disrupted the original idea, and then in 2017, Paul Hill was tapped Wrote a version of the series, but has hardly heard of it since.

Pritchett’s revelation is an understatement in any detail, of course it’s not clear how many people want one Galaxy exploration TV series. Of course, Pritchett and Pegg have written many movies and TV shows, and Pegg co-authored the most recent Trek movie, exceedOne thing we want to know is whether the show will exist as a restored version of the classic series, or let the (actors) crew perform another space mission that they are not prepared for.

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