Valve continues to crack down on Steam “tourists” who switch countries for cheaper games

Valve still doesn’t like such people Shopping in other countries Get the most favorable game prices, which makes the lives of those “tourists” more difficult. Steam database famous Valve now restricts you from changing the country/region of your Steam account to once every three months. In other words, you can’t just flip back and forth to get the best price.

This move took place nearly a year after the relevant changes took place Required Gamers make purchases in a specific country/region when they switch to a specific country/region. This method makes it more difficult to use VPNs to buy games in other countries, but it does not stop people willing to switch accounts for transactions. These switchers must now either reduce their purchases or accept the fact that they will not always get the lowest price.

This does cause complications. Although a three-month interval may be enough for most people, if you really jump from one country to another more frequently, it can cause headaches.

It is unclear how the EU will respond to this move. Regulators recently imposed a fine of 7.8 million euros (approximately US$9.4 million) on Valve for restricting game access between EU countries. These officials may not be keen on restricting account liquidity, even if only for the short term.

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