‘The Sims 4’is hosting a (partly Simlish) music festival

Starting on June 29th, EA will host a In The Sims 4, there will be pop star Bebe Rexha, indie band Glass Animals, and singer-songwriter Joy Oladokun. Sims Sessions will allow The Sims 4 Players explore virtual festival venues, buy virtual goods, and of course listen to some nice tunes.

Virtual concerts in video games are nothing new.We have already seen Epic Games launch a featured show with in Fort night. Also in Rob Rox. But what makes Sims Sessions special is that some performers use Simlish to sing their songs, which is the meaningless language of Sims creators It was invented as early as 1996.

Now, before you scoff at the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlistening to a song in Simlish, know that this is something EA has been doing.Since 2004, the company said it has collaborated with nearly 500 artists, including with , Recording their songs in fictitious language. Simlish is very popular. They will host a karaoke event on TikTok, where fans can show off their knowledge of the language.To participate in this festival, you only need one The Sims 4, You must accept it and sing in Simlish before July 7th.

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