Amazon is adding “DIRT 5” and “Saints Row The Third” to its Luna+ game library

Amazon announced in July that it will add games to the Luna+ channel, including Dirt 5, Saints Row The Third: Remake with Chronicles of the Valkyrie 4. E-commerce giants provide Prime subscribers can access their Luna game streaming service on Prime Day without invitation, giving you the opportunity to try it out for 7 days. If you want to know whether to pay for the subscription after the trial period ends, perhaps understanding what happens to Luna+ can help you make a decision.

Dirt 5 It is an off-road racing game with more than 70 routes in 10 locations around the world. On Luna, you can play free-to-play and local split-screen multiplayer modes, as well as a narrative-focused career mode, allowing your players to compete with Bruno Durand in a series of tournaments. The Luna+ version does not provide online (racing and party games), time trial, playground and RaceNet functions. If the omission does not bother you, the game will be available on the channel from July 15th.

Although there is no exact release date yet, A remake of Saints Row The Third It will also be available on the service next month. In an action-adventure game, the Third Street Saints are no longer just street gangs, but celebrities with sneakers and energy drinks. The game confronts them with a criminal organization called a syndicate, which is now asking the organization to show respect.

If you prefer to play Chronicles of the Valkyrie 4However, you can start doing this on July 8. A tactical role-playing game will allow you to command a team of soldiers on the battlefield who will fight the empire in the second European war. You can access the full version of the game on Luna+, including all bonus content, additional tasks, and unlockable bonuses.These titles join Dust Rally 2.0, Killer queen black, Falconer with Gangster 0, Amazon added it to Luna+ earlier this month.

Amazon’s Luna streaming service allows you to play the games it offers on devices you already own, such as Windows and Mac PCs, Fire TV, iPhone and iPad (over the web), and supported Android phones. You must request an invitation or have a supported Fire TV device to access it, and upon entering, you will subscribe to one of the available channels. Currently, you can choose between Luna+ and Ubisoft+ channels for $6 per month. As you can guess, the latter gives you unlimited access to Ubisoft’s games, but you need to spend $15 a month.

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