Target “Trading Day” for 2021: 27 best deals to date (updated)

The point may be Open Amazon Prime Membership Day This week-a two-day promotion Ends on June 22——But other stores have been promoting their deals in an attempt to compete.Walmart has A sale Ends on June 23, and Target trading days for sales It started on June 20 and lasted until June 22. We are focusing on the latter here. These are our favorite Target offers.

Note: We will regularly update articles and Cross out sold out items Or when the price increases at launch, we mark discounts based on the most recent product pricing or average price, rather than the suggested retail price. Be sure to check the discounts in person. Our choice comes from research and our extensive product review experience.

Update Tuesday: We have added discounts for Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and Lenovo IdeaPad.

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Family and kitchen deals

For more information about our favorite home and kitchen products, please refer to our guide Best robot vacuum cleaner, The best Dyson vacuum cleaner, The best latte and cappuccino machine, There are a lot more Coffee review.

Cobos Deebot N79

Environmental protection vacuum cleaner

Once you start letting robots clean your floors, you will know the real luxury.We have A bunch of suggestions, But their cost is usually much higher than this. We have not reviewed this particular model, but we have reviewed similar models. Several of the Cobos we tried recently had some problems with navigation, but if you don’t have weird ledges in your home, they should be fine. It is difficult to find a reliable robot vacuum cleaner that costs less than $200.

Made by Dyson Big vacuum, And V8 is its “budget” model. It can be converted into a hand-held vacuum cleaner with a running time of approximately 40 minutes, so be sure to charge it during cleaning.

If you really like coffee and drink a few cups a day, you should invest in one A better coffee machine——Even Mr. Coffee is not bad. But Keurigs have a place because they are fast and convenient. This one is small, so you can put it in the kitchen of your apartment or even on your desk. Designer Jonathan Adler (Jonathan Adler) came up with this look, very beautiful.

If you have more space to store it and occasionally like iced coffee, this K-Elite model is a good choice. If you want to make tea or oatmeal, it also has a hot water button.

Instant Pot Duo Plus

The popular Instant Pot is a staple of Prime Day. It requires a bunch of electrical appliances and combines them into one. There are several different sizes and versions, but this 6-quart is suitable for about 6 people. If you have a bigger family, An 8-quart pan is also available for $90 ($50 off).

The air fryer is another fan favorite, and there are some discounts from Target this year. We haven’t tried this particular model, but Oersted has a reputation for kitchen gadgets.The company’s nine-function countertop air fryer is also Discounted to 100 USD (minus 60 USD). As an alternative, PowerXL air fryer sells for $60 ($40 off) And it seems to be a good deal. We haven’t tested it yet.

You may want to return to the office or plan a camping or road trip. Either way, having a thermos to keep food warm (or cold!) will come in handy. It is also dishwasher safe.

If you like cooking and baking, the KitchenAid stand mixer is worth buying. They are durable and look fashionable in the kitchen, especially red or blue, giving them a retro feel.

Technology Sale

View our Best streaming media device, Best fitness watch, with Guide to the best wireless earbuds Learn more about our favorites.

AirPods Professional Edition

Photo: Apple

Yes A big fan of AirPods ProCompared with the first-generation Airpods, they sound great and fit your ears better.We see these discounts a lot of, But their price has been around US$197 in the past few months, so this is slightly lower than the normal discounted price.

These Sony headphones are Our favorite wireless headset The reason is good: they can get 30 hours of battery life with noise reduction turned on, they sound great, and they are one of the most comfortable headphones you can buy. This fourth-generation model improves on the previous model and is equipped with a new beamforming microphone that will make you sound great during a Zoom call.

These cheap small wireless earbuds don’t sound as good as AirPods, but they have the same battery life and a more ergonomic fit. Cable audio critic Park Hall likes to take them out when he does yard work, long walks or other outdoor activities, because you don’t have to worry too much about losing buds.

Roku is Our favorite streaming platform, Streaming Stick Plus is the choice of most of us. This deal comes up often, and we just included it because we like the device.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Photo: Microsoft

This Surface Pro 7 It is an excellent replacement for two-in-one laptops. It has enough power to complete most laptop-type tasks, but it can double as a tablet. The model here has a faster Intel Core i5 chip. The deal also includes keyboards.There are many other goals Surface transactions worth browsing.

This IdeaPad 5 is equipped with high-speed AMD Ryzen 7 chip, 16 GB memory and 512 GB SSD. The 15-inch 1,080p screen will not be the clearest, but other than that, these are the best specifications you can get at this price.

WIRED Senior Associate Commenting Editor Adrienne So Zeng When she looked back on it, her mood was mixedBut she is more Passionate about using the Facebook Portal smart display for Zoom During the epidemic. It looks like she has a private cinematographer shooting for her, because when she moves in the frame, the portal will automatically zoom in on her face and pan. It can also be used on Facebook Messenger if you can’t catch rough kids all at once.

this is ours Favorite fitness watch Now, this is the lowest price we have seen recently. Fitbit’s app is easy to use, and its products are affordable and powerful.You can get Same price on Amazon.

Webcams are in short supply in 2020, but they are rebounding and prices are returning to normal. This is a discounted price from a reliable brand. You can get 1080p video quality and a privacy shutter that hides the camera when not in use. Critic Matt Jancer likes his similar Logitech C920 Pro The best webcam guide.

Hair and health offers

We all need Kind of self-care——The past year and a half have proved this.For more information on our favorite beauty and care gadgets, please check Our favorite hair straightener with Favorite hair dryer. We also have a guide Best Theragun and massage gun with The best electric toothbrush.

Hot tool one step

Photo: Hot Tool

we Tested this blow-dry brush recently And found it very effective, especially in terms of price.The brush head is detachable for easy storage and travel, and it can also be replaced with different.

This massage gun is As expensive as Theraguns It competes with it, but it is still effective in relieving tight muscle pain. It comes with five different accessories for locating different areas and connects to an app via Bluetooth to guide you through the recovery options. There are more affordable options out there, but this is the best price we track for Hypervolt.

Quip is a powerful and affordable electric toothbrush. The app provides you brushing feedback such as duration, intensity, and coverage, but it does not display real-time tracking.The plastic version is good, but more stylish Metal brush is now $50 ($10 off).

Pet sale

Our pets are family members, and they deserve some toys. Fortunately, Target released some very cute products this weekend.Please be sure to read our guide Cat accessories with Dog accessoriesAnd our tips Recently adopted pets.

Start dog DNA test

Photo: Boarding

wired Tested some dog DNA tests And found that Embark provided a lot of useful information-it even found some relatives of staff puppies! This is the lowest price we have ever seen.

Target’s scratcher house is almost too cute to handle.This is very suitable for surfing cats who like to relax, but every holiday has pride with Halloween. You can’t make a mistake here.

Among all the pet supplies at Target, I like the ones made by Boots & Barkley the most. They look good, and the products I have tried have been in use for a while. This plush bed is suitable for cats and puppies.

Catit Flower Fountain

Photo: Owl

We like Catit products, this fountain can be used for cats or dogs. There are three water flow settings, including one without flowers, which may be more attractive to dogs. The deal also includes a placemat for catching spilled water and a stainless steel plate for holding food.

We have not tried this particular brand, but it is recommended, and we think this design may be more attractive to dogs than the Catit flower fountain above. In addition, if there is a power failure, this one has a backup battery that can be started.

Board game sale

When I’m bored, I prefer a good old-fashioned board game or trivia meeting, but if you want to stock up some, they can become very expensive. Thankfully, some of them are now being discounted.View our Family Board Game Guide More. Target also has some discounts on video games.

Settlers of Catan

Photo: Catan Studio

Catan is popular among strategy game fans, but it can reach nearly $60. We recently saw it at around $44 and therefore applaud the further decline.

Who can forget what Colonel Mustard did with a candlestick in the greenhouse? Join all your favorite ferocious fictional characters and play with up to five friends in the Hill House mansion.

I can’t say that I am a fan of this seemingly never-ending game, but it has become a classic for a reason. There have been minor upgrades over the years, but it is consistent with the original version.

This game may be aimed at kids, but you can’t deny that it’s fun to play with a group of adults every once in a while, especially if you agree to ask more Substitution problem. Or, as a Redditor suggested, replace cartoons with photos of your friends, and of course, respect each other. Shipment will only be made if your shopping cart is $35 or more.

Retailer sales page

If you want to check out more offers for yourself, here are some links to promotions this week.

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