Google Chat and Meet are about to change.latest news

If you’re not in your head, there’s one more important piece of information: Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite, previously a paid package for businesses) will now be extended to everyone with a Google account, offering improved web and mobile devices Provides integration between many Google applications.

What happened now

For the rest of this year, Google is driving two major changes. First of all, Google Chat and Google Meet are replacing Hangouts-the Gmail corner on the web, mobile phones and everywhere else. Your previous Hangout chat should continue. In a way, this is just a rebranding exercise: Activate Google Chat in Gmail, install the app on your phone, and then you can continue to use the Google chat that was interrupted by Hangouts Until individual conversations.

As we said, in the process of using these applications as commercial products, there will be some additional functions. You will get new tools, such as being able to @mention contacts in documents or establish conversations with multiple threads, etc.-only you will use them with family and friends, not work colleagues.

Workspace will bring Google’s applications closer together.Provided by Google

Second, under the same theme, in the next few months, everyone with a Google account will have access to a more lightweight business workspace package. Like Google Chat and Google Meet, this is Google provides consumers with some more professional-level tools, the only idea is that they can be used for your local PTA meeting, your weekly book club or your family gathering.

These upgrades will not be big, but they will be obvious. You can still access Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, etc. as usual, but they will be more closely connected and built for collaboration and sharing. For example, you will be able to create a task list and assign each task to a different contact. Many new features will be partially supported by Google Chat, which is a thread that runs through everything.

Then, you can activate Google Workspace for your account in the following ways Open Google chat In Gmail: from Chat and meet Gmail settings page label, select Google chat next to to chat withAlthough it took us a long time to explain what happened, in terms of what you see as a user, there won’t be a lot of changes: the tools you’ve used will get some upgrades, look cleaner, and better fusion. (Oh, you might see the word “workspace” more often.)

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