All the ways Amazon tracks you and how to stop it

Jeff Bezos has A hidden weapon: your data.Although Amazon’s retail empire is built on a complex infrastructure network and Ambiguous work practices, Its sales success is based on a sophisticated understanding of what millions of people buy and browse every day.

Since Amazon is an online bookstore, it has been obsessed with your data. About two decades ago, Werner Vogels, the company’s chief technology officer, Say The company tries to “gather as much information as possible” in order to provide advice to people. Moreover, as Amazon expands, its data collection business is also expanding. “They happen to sell products, but they are a data company,” a former Amazon executive told British Broadcasting Corporation In 2020.

Amazon knows you very well. Everything you do in the Amazon ecosystem: from the thousands of searches you make on its app or website to every click, scroll, and mouse movement you make. This is a lot of data-and this is just the beginning of it.The person requesting data from Amazon has been sent Hundreds of files, Including their ten years Shopping record And thousands of audio clips Alexa device.

“The reason why online shopping through Amazon is so convenient is that the company has been consolidating its strength and influence over the years,” said Sara Nelson, director of the corporate data development program at the civil liberties organization Privacy International. “The company has the ability to collect a lot of data-through its shopping platform, but also through its Ring camera, Alexa voice assistant, network services, delivery services, streaming services, and many other business streams.”Amazon is now Enter the healthcare field-Nelson said something worrisome.

According to reports, Amazon’s data collection also put it on the wrong side of regulators. June 10, Wall Street Journal According to reports, the data protection regulator in Luxembourg, where Amazon’s European headquarters is located, is preparing a copy of GDPR fines $425 million In response to the way it uses people’s personal data-although it did not provide specific details, an Amazon spokesperson declined to comment on possible fines. Anti-competitive regulator The company’s use of data is also being studied.And the government is Request more data from Amazon, Including information from Ring and Alexa recordings.

What Amazon knows about you

Let’s start from amazon Privacy statementOver 4,400 words, it’s not surprising that most people don’t read it, but it does clearly show how Amazon processes your data. Broadly speaking, the information Amazon collects about you comes from three sources. They are: the data you provide to Amazon when you use it (and other services, such as reading Kindle books), the data it can automatically collect (information about your phone and your location), and the data it obtains from third parties Information-parties (for example, a credit check to find out if your account is fraudulent).

What is the ultimate goal of all this data collection? Help you sell more things. Amazon will use your personal information—and everything it can know about your likes and dislikes—to recommend things it thinks you might buy. More broadly, it can also understand the shopping behavior of its most popular sellers and people.

“Personal data about shopping is very sensitive,” said Carissa Véliz, an associate professor at the Institute of Ethics at Oxford University. “It can tell you a person’s health, their political leanings, their sexual behavior, etc. People buy all kinds of things on Amazon, from books and movies to health-related items. Plus from Alexa’s personal data, it will become even more worrying.”

It also uses information such as your location to ensure that your purchases are actually delivered to you. “We process your personal information to operate, provide and improve the Amazon services we provide to our customers,” the company’s privacy statement said. It also expounds the legal arguments for all the data it collects.

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