On Prime Day, Kindle Paperwhite fell to a new low of $80

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it is Amazon Prime Membership Day As always, the company has reliable deals on Kindle.This Kindle Paperwhite Get the most significant discount.The basic version of the e-reader usually costs $130, but for The next few days, You can buy at an unprecedented low price 80 USD.

Buy Kindle Paperwhite (4th generation) on Amazon-$80

The latest Paperwhite waterproof rating is IPX8. After soaking in fresh water up to two meters long for up to an hour, it should still work. Even those who are reading on the beach while letting the waves hit their toes can take a break easily. Paperwhite can be prevented from being immersed in sea water at a depth of 0.25 meters for three minutes. However, you probably shouldn’t throw it into the bathtub or the ocean.

In our review Fourth generation Kindle Paperwhite, We noticed that it has a better contrast display than the previous model.Have Audible And Bluetooth support, so you can connect speakers or headphones and listen to audiobooks, or use the text-to-speech function to listen to books. Unfortunately, Paperwhite does not support MP3.

Buy Kindle (10th generation) on Amazon-$55 Buy Kindle Oasis (third generation) on Amazon-$175

Together with Paperwhite, Standard Kindle Available on Prime Day.Ad-supported models dropped from $90 55 USD. At the high end of the lineup, there are also discounts Light the Oasis. It dropped from $250 to 175 USD Prime membership day.

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