“MODOK” is how Marvel mastered the multiverse

Cult favorite The Marvel villain finally has its own TV show, which cleverly balances humor and original emotion. Time travel disturbs the plot, and the undercard role in the long-forgotten past problem plays a key role. This is one of the most original comic book adaptations of all time, and it provides a tantalizing glimpse into the full potential of Marvel’s upcoming multiverse.Of course I’m talking about Modok

Ok, Rocky Also in line with the bill. But chances are you are already watching, or at least aware of it. it’s great! The more Tom Hiddleston, the better. Gourd ModokThe crazy stop motion animation created by Patton Oswalt and Jordan Blum is a deeper tailoring.This is also an exercise to burn the timeline RockyTVA is desperately trying to fix it-one that may trigger a new creative renaissance.

What is Modoc? Okay, then, bear with me. The name represents a mental organism designed only for killing; he is basically a huge skull, with a small torso and limbs that can be moved around in a flying chair. He first appeared in comics in the late 1960s as a regular foil for Captain America, and is usually associated with Advanced Idea Mechanics, a criminal organization that wants to surpass the world with fancy gadgets. MODOK can emit energy beams from his forehead and obtain various weapons from his chair. It is one of Marvel’s most absurd creations. What is this talking about.

For this reason, Murdoch is also unlikely to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He was so ridiculous, even next to a raccoon talking trash and a monosyllable tree creature.but Modok The show has always tended to this absurdity. It filled his world and imagined him as not only a defeated nemesis, but also a profligate husband and father. It is both unapologetic violence and profanity, and sentimentality. It may make a whole episode of ill-fated robbery, or it may reconcile families. It is almost certain that this is Marvel’s only TV show with Tenpin as the protagonist. He is a villain in the comics. He…throws bowling pins. (in the world Modok, Tenpin didn’t even have those; he pawned them and lived in a car he couldn’t run. )

If it is not clear, this is not a show for everyone.it is Infinity war Through adult swimming, it rewards a healthy appreciation of the secrets of comics. In addition to Tenpin, you can also get a large number of C-rated super villains, such as Armadillo, Arcade, and Angar the Screamer. That’s before you even reach the Easter egg, which requires repeated viewing and encyclopedia knowledge of Marvel knowledge to be fully timed.

Not for everyone, but that’s the point.Not like Rocky with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier And for all major movies released in the past 13 years, MODOK exists outside the MCU. It has no interest or obligation in the continuity that combines dozens of hours of classic Marvel movies and TV shows.it has No The rough edges are shaped or polished by the studio notes to pursue popular appeal.The only one in Modok It’s Iron Man. Murdoch called him a “wet bitch.”

event Modok It is unraveling in the Marvel multiverse. Specifically, on Earth 1226; movies and Disney+ series mainly take place in Earth-199999, while comics are set in another reality. Multiverse—multiple realities occurring at the same time and sometimes intersecting—has long been the main content of Marvel comics and the foundation of its film’s future. Spider-Man: Parallel Universe It was explored in 2018. Wanda Vision Bring it to the main timeline Earlier this year, and Rocky It is laying the groundwork for a broader split that will be shown in theaters in the next few years. (This is neither spoiler nor speculation; the upcoming slate literally includes Doctor Strange in the Crazy Multiverse.)

All this sounds exciting, but also a bit daunting. The multiverse has released huge entropy in the process of being strictly controlled for more than ten years. If the comics of the past were the prologue, in the worst case it would mean chaotic plots, unsatisfactory resolutions, loss of narrative clues, and eventually having to mess up the whole thing and start from scratch. “Heed my warning,” my colleague Adam Rogers Written earlier this year“This will end with tears.”

But in the best case, the multiverse makes exploration and experimentation possible, especially once you get rid of classic gravity.That is Modok, A glorious independent experience. It has nothing to do with the fourth stage of Marvel’s expanding universe. It does not have to build infrastructure for future installments, nor does it require you to remember the rules of the Sokovia Agreement. Its only cross is blinking.It invited Nathan Fillion (Nathan Fillion) to voice the Wonder Man (Wonder Man), a few years after the actor made a brief appearance cut From Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

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