Google may add Bluetooth detection to its “Find My Device” service

Google may be working to expand Android’s “Find My Device” feature to more closely match the functionality of Apple’s “Find My Device” network. API dismantling the latest Play service version, 9to5Google Found evidence of an API named Spot. The socket is enabled with this function to get the “Find my device network” switch to be displayed in the Android settings menu.

Most Android users know that Google’s mobile operating system already includes the “Find My Device” feature, which allows your phone to use WiFi or cellular connections to help you find it when it’s misplaced. Apple’s Find My Network adds Bluetooth and Ultra-wideband mixing.The missing apple and Third-party equipment You can broadcast short-range signals, which are then relayed to Apple’s servers by nearby iOS devices to help you find your lost items.

On the surface, Google plans to build a similar network. If the company advances the project, it is not yet clear how extensive the resulting platform will be in practice. For example, does it apply to devices from all Android and Wear OS manufacturers or only to devices made by Google? How you will interact with the network is also unclear. 9to5Google It is believed that Google will release the accompanying Spot application, although the website cannot determine the exact purpose of the software.

As with all APK teardowns, we cannot guarantee that we will see Spot as something that Google will release to the public. At the same time, it is not easy to see the company develop “Find My Device” in this way.After all, its impact on Android Beam and the final release Share nearbyEither way, we have contacted Google for comments, and we will update this article when we receive a response from the company.

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