Flash teases Supergirl costume in new Andy Muschietti teasing

Director Andy Muschietti revealed the breastplate of Sasha Calle's Supergirl costume for DC and Warner Bros. The long-awaited Flash movie.

Hello, Carla.
image: Andy Musiti/Warner Bros.

The girl of steel is by our side-but before she flies to the movie adventure alone, she will wear it Andy Muschietti’s multi-faceted prank in flash, We have a new understanding of her clothes.

In the context of the previous teasing Michael Keaton returns to Batman with Flash costumes updated by Ezra Miller, flash Director Andy Muschietti has shown our first display of Supergirl costumes on Instagram, and she will make her debut in a DC movie in the movie, Currently expires June 2022. young peopleof Sasha Kahler will play Carla, The cousin of Superman and the destined orphan companion of Krypton in the movie.

As often happens In the comics, Kara’s Supergirl costume drew a lot of hints from the design language used Henry Cavill’s SupermanSince then, similar textures can be seen across the suit and the “S” logo in Superman’s movie costumes man of SteelHowever, Kara does have some subtle changes, including almost Paisley-style patterns running through her logo. Presumably, this still represents hope.

But what makes her outfit more distinctive than Kal-El is that her neck and shoulder area looks like a big red, almost all the way to her chest mark. It’s an interesting choice, and it makes her stand out from Superman at a glance-we can only speculate that we can’t really see the full costume, but maybe it shows that the integrated cloak as part of the suit is “tucked” into the lower neckline with Superman Way to compare?

We have enough time to speculate-there is no doubt that we will see more in the coming time flashExpected release date in June 2022.

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