The first generation of Oculus Quests will also get wireless PC VR games via Air Link

Back in April, Facebook’s Oculus division roll out Able to wirelessly transfer PC VR games to Quest 2 headsets via WiFi. This feature called Air Link provides users with complete freedom of movement because they no longer have to be tied to the PC to play games.It was not clear at the time whether Air Link would enter Original task, But now Mark Zuckerberg has Reply For those who have old headsets, the question is: Yes, they can also enjoy wireless PC VR games via Air Link in the future.

The Facebook CEO commented under the video post of the Quest v30 update, as it was discovered edgeHe simply said “Quest 1 Air Link is here too…” There is no release schedule, so users just need to wait for more information. When the feature was first available, Oculus stated that the ideal gaming area was within 20 feet of the router, so interested parties might want to start planning.

As for the v30 update itself, Zuckerberg said it will expand the unlimited office and make multitasking in virtual reality easier. For example, in the video he posted, users can easily move between three large virtual curved screens.according to Upload VR, It will also enable users to draw Guardian borders up to 15 meters in any direction to achieve a larger gaming area. Unfortunately, Facebook has not revealed the release date of the v30 update, and it is unclear whether the original Quest will also get it.

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