Windows 11 has been leaked, it looks a lot like Windows 10X

Windows 11 is real, and detailed information about it is leaking on the Internet. First, Baidu users Screenshots of the two operating systems were released this morning, showing a centralized start menu with rounded corners.That glance gave us Serious Windows 10X atmosphere, Especially because that (now defunct) operating system also has a start menu with a centered icon. Soon after these images appeared, the reporter was able to obtain the early Windows 11 ISO and install it much Microsoft’s grand press conference on June 24 (Or the company may hope to inspire some hype by making Windows fans chase frantically).

Tom Warren in edge Has been digging for the leaked operating system and unearthed some gems in the process. In terms of design, Windows 11 does not seem to be much different from Windows 10, but there are some obvious UI adjustments throughout the process. In addition to rounded corners, there are new capture controls that allow you to easily push the window to a specific location on the screen. This seems more convenient than dragging the application and hoping that Windows will capture it correctly. In addition, the improved application is directly integrated into Windows 11, allowing you to easily find all Game Pass games.


Now that we have seen the actual appearance of Windows 11, the reason why Microsoft completely abandoned 10X makes sense.The operating system was originally designed for dual-screen devices such as Surface Neo, but last year Microsoft announced Moving to a typical single-screen laptop. But Microsoft doesn’t have the best record on Windows 10 variants-don’t forget how messy it is Windows 10 S fiasco used to be.Now we have been away for six years Introducing Windows 10, It makes sense to jump to a brand new operating system. Hope it will still make some optimizations to make Windows perform better on tablets, ARM devices, and dual-screen PCs. (Seriously, where is Microsoft’s Surface Neo?!)

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