Watch the Nintendo E3 showcase with us at 11:40 AM EST!

Nintendo‚Äôs E3 show is coming soon. After ending this year’s all-digital E3 main game show, the company promised to talk a lot about the games you will see this year, not the distant future.

We have a list of games we want to know more about, including Breath of the Wild Sequel, This New Metroid And (dare we say?) Bayonet 3.

We haven’t seen the long-rumored next-generation Switch console, but now is a good time to show off more powerful hardware and games that can take full advantage of it.Currently, Nintendo Say It will “focus on Nintendo Switch software.” But hey, maybe they will have a trailer?

The entire presentation is expected to last approximately 40 minutes and join our YouTube, where we will stream with all announcements. We will conduct pre-show and post-show comments with myself and senior editor Devindra Hardwar, Starts at 11:40 a.m. Eastern timeThis gives us 20 minutes to prepare any plans that Nintendo will start at noon.

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