Tribeca and Epic Games aim to help independent filmmakers use Unreal Engine

Epic game The most famous is probably the foundation of the game, including , And of course, . But it is also used in many movies and TV projects, such as with Epic is now working with Tribeca Enterprises to help independent filmmakers take advantage of Unreal Engine.

Established Unreal Fellowship, This pair Educational seminars for filmmakers in New York City. They will be able to learn directly from Unreal Engine experts and artists how to use the tools of the platform for visualization and real-time rendering, and how to make virtual worlds.

Tribeca and Epic have not disclosed many details about the seminar.We have seen examples of creative production Use Unreal Engine. For many filmmakers hoping to make a breakthrough, the platform may be an untapped resource.versus Unreal Engine 5 Early Access, They can use a richer tool suite.

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