Apple was told to quietly provide data on Trump’s White House legal counsel in 2018

Apple has not only fallen into legal requirements Against Democratic politicians, it seems. New York Times source Alleged that the Justice Department subpoenaed Apple in February 2018 to provide information about former President Trump White House lawyer Don McGahn. It is not clear what the FBI is looking for or whether McGahn is the focus, but officials issued a gag order for Apple to notify its lawyers for a while-it only told him of his request in May this year.

According to reports, the company did not specify what it shared with the government, nor did it outline the nature of the case. There are many potential problems at work.Trump was angry with McGahn at the time about Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation and the January 2018 leaks, but era Think it’s unlikely. However, the request may also stem from the Mueller investigation itself (McGahn was the lead lawyer for the Trump campaign in 2016). Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, also faced fraud charges the day before the subpoena.

We have asked Apple to comment. McGahn’s lawyer declined to comment.

A few days after the news broke, the Trump-era Justice Department has asked Apple to provide at least two Democratic politicians Adam Schiff and Eric Svalwell’s account information, about the same time. In both cases, people’s worries revolve not only about who is the target, but also about how—what did the agent learn? The technology company recently set a limit of 25 identifiers per request to prevent the government from requesting too much data.

The incident also heightened concerns about the disclosure request.Technology companies haveDemand for greater transparency Over the years, cases like this may explain why. Although Apple is unlikely to share the specific details of the McGahn case in the short term, the gag order over the years certainly does not help any attempts to disclose government surveillance requirements.

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