Netflix announces new Castlevania series and other game-related projects

Netflix has released news after news for Geeked Week, giving us a better understanding of the streaming media giant’s expectations in terms of game-related shows.Company owned comfirmed That is a new one Castlevania The anime series are set in the same universe Recently ended The performance is in progress. Its story will focus on Richter Belmont-the grandson of Sophie and Trevor-and Maria Renard during the French Revolution.

Upcoming reality show resident Evil The series now also has its Albert Wesker: Lance Redick, Appeared before wire with Bosch, And in John Wick Movie Charon as a hotel concierge. Speaking of John Wick movies, its franchise creator Derek Kolstad has signed up to write Netflix Dividing cell Animated series based on Ubisoft games. Former US Navy SEAL Sam Fisher was recruited to work in the third echelon division, and there were eight episodes in the first season.

Ubisoft also gave Castlevania The host Adi Shankar (Adi Shankar) continues to create a new series based on Far Cry 3 expansion Blood dragon But it will get elements from multiple game titles.It is called Captain Laser Eagle: Blood Dragon RemixAnd the company has Place an order Six episodes. Netflix is ​​developing a new far cry Animation series, as well.However, this particular project is still in its early stages, and species Said that the creative team is still being assembled.

In addition to all these, Netflix Announce WitcherCon collaborated with CD Projekt Red and released a trailer That wizard Season 2 of Geeked Week.The company also took the opportunity to show the first extended trailer Arcane, One based on League of Legends, And the trailer Teacup head Animation series.

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