Tesla demonstrates the performance of Model S Plaid worth $130,000

Tan Last night’s activity, Tesla delivered its first batch of 25 Model S Plaid high-performance electric vehicles, and CEO Elon Musk detailed all the new features to give it extra speed and range. It also personally demonstrated the performance to several reporters to show what it looks like from 0 to 60MPH in 2 seconds.

Musk emphasized that Model S Plaid is not only fast, but because the new heat pump and radiator are twice as large, it will provide repeatable performance. Musk said: “Actually, you will be able to walk on the track and pull your butt continuously from 0 to 60 seconds.” “This car can do it over and over again, and there will be no wind.”

Most importantly, Tesla said that the new heat pump’s cruising range in cold weather has increased by 30%, while the energy consumption for heating has been reduced by 50%. “In cold weather, you hardly see degradation,” Musk said.

He also reiterated the performance characteristics and specifications, and pointed out that it can reach 0-60MPH in 1.99 seconds, pass a quarter mile in 9.23 seconds and reach 200MPH, thanks to the new 1,020 peak horsepower three-motor system. At the same time, it provides 390 miles of EPA mileage, and thanks to a faster charging system, you can add 187 miles in just 15 minutes.

Why is such an extreme speed required? “We have to prove that electric cars are the best cars, no doubt,” Musk explained. “It must be clear that a sustainable energy vehicle can be the fastest car, the safest car, or the best car in all aspects.”

Other updates to Model S Plaid include a new 17-inch horizontal touch screen and a digital instrument cluster behind the steering wheel. Passengers can also get a third screen behind the center console and a “legal back seat,” Musk said, describing the previous Model S seat as “not surprising.” It also provides dual-inductive chargers on the back and front with a 36-watt USB-C power supply that can charge mobile phones, tablets or laptops. Of course, it is equipped with a powerful new processor that can run AAA games at up to 60 fps on these screens.

It also carries the famous Yoke steering wheel And there is no physical control to select the drive mode. Instead, it automatically switches between parking, reversing and driving by default, and has a touch screen option for manual selection. “I think, generally speaking, all inputs are wrong,” Musk said.

Tesla delivered the first batch of 25 Model S Plaid models at this event, and promised “soon to produce hundreds of vehicles per week”, and plans to produce approximately 1,000 vehicles per week before the next car.Tesla starts at $130,000 after raising its price by $10,000 yesterday.

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